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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers

What should I expect during the bidding process?

     Our detailed bidding process is a comprehensive approach that emphasizes attention to detail and accuracy in every step. We understand the critical role that accurate bids play in the success of any project, and our commitment to excellence sets us apart. We do not turn bids around immediately. Throwing bids out quickly increases the probability of them being inaccurate, so we take our time and review them carefully before we provide the completed bid. 



Site Visits and Inspections

We always begin with an on-site visit to gather firsthand information and all of your wants, needs & wishes for your project. This enables us to identify any potential challenges, assess the working conditions, and factor in site-specific considerations. This includes us discussing your project in its entirety along with using our software to blueprint the space(s) so we have our accurate measurements and sizes of everything in the space to be renovated and will take multiple pictures of all spaces to be worked in or on. This will give us data and documents to reference during the bidding process to ensure accuracy.


Collaborative Team Review

Our team, comprising experts from various relevant fields, collaborates to analyze the project requirements. This collective approach ensures a comprehensive evaluation, bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise. This process also assists in many eyes and ears being involved.


Detailed Cost Estimation

We break down the project into its various components and meticulously estimate the costs associated with each aspect. This includes materials, labor, equipment, permits, and any other relevant expenses. We provide each line item detailed so there is complete transparency. This transparency builds trust and ensures that clients have a clear understanding of our proposal. This also enable syou and Stag Homes to track each task to be completed and its associated costs. We can also easily remove or add line items to the project without issue and know how the cost will impact or benefit the budget.


Risk Assessment

Identifying potential risks is a crucial aspect of our process. We conduct a thorough risk assessment, considering external factors, market conditions, and any uncertainties that may impact the project's cost.This would include aspects like cabinetry, windows, and other supplies. If there are known price increases coming, we can purchase these items ahead of time and store in the warehouse to help manage budgets and timelines.


Documentation Accuracy        

We prioritize accuracy in all documentation associated with our bids. Our team ensures that all details, from quantities to specifications, are documented meticulously to avoid misunderstandings and discrepancies or materials being ordered or installed incorrectly. Bids returned quickly are often incorrect and can result in frequent change orders. Therefore, our bids often take 1- 2 weeks to complete depending on project size.


Post-Bid Support

Even after submitting the bid, we remain available for further discussions and clarifications. Our commitment to accuracy extends beyond the bidding phase to the successful execution of the project. By taking our time and maintaining a meticulous approach, we demonstrate our dedication to delivering accurate, reliable bids that set the foundation for successful project outcomes. 


Warm Regards,                                                                                                                                           

             Skylor Alexander  - Founder                             

Is there a dedicated team for my Project?

Yes! What truly sets Stag Homes apart is that we will have your project moving forward every day and we have references to prove it. 

Do you have references?

Yes, we will provide as many references as you want. Every client we have ever had, we still have to this day. We can arrange with previous clients for you to do on-site visits too. This gives you the opportunity to see first hand, our quality and be able to discuss with the homeowners how their experience with us was.

How will additional charges be dealt with?

We will discuss with you the changes that are being made. Once all changes have been decided, we will create an addendum. This is where the change order will be itemized. The details of the changes explained and if necessary, detail the materials and work to be performed.

Will you install manufactured cabinets?

We do have access to quality manufactured cabinets that we trust. If we are installing manufactured cabinets, we need to be involved in the design, templating & ordering of cabinets. There are too many companies out there that do not take the care in planning and the product that is delivered is not acceptable, does not function and creates many problems down the road.

We also cannot warranty cabinets not ordered through our suppliers. We have spent years vetting our suppliers and we know they will perform to our high standards.

Do you provide warranties on your work & craftsmanship?

Yes! We care a lot about our work and take the time to plan and complete every aspect to perfection. We guarantee everything we do!

Do you have an interior designer?

We have wonderful designers to assist with your project. They are easy to work with and design and deliver the most stunning spaces you have seen. We are also more than willing to work with your personal designer as well.

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