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Designing a Stunning home bar!

Stag Homes is your premier home bar designer and builder. We want to share how a successful home bar design should tell a story, evoke a sense of personality while provoking emotions. Although designing a space that is stylish and trendy — yet functional and organized — can prove a challenge. We’re discussing everything from finishes and surfaces to location and color palettes and much more.

Pick Your Poison: We will dive much deeper into this with our month long holiday exposé on designing home bars. This will include a detailed "how to" on stocking your bar the first time. When answering this question, do you want a custom draft system for your beer and wine? We have built a ton

of draft systems commercially and on the residential side, we can also assist in the routine maintenance of these systems s o you don't have to...... How about liquor dispensing systems that you can't see, but are literally at your finger tips with the touch of a button?

Find the Right Finishes. A home bar is about showing off. You could keep your liquor and glasses hidden in a cabinet, but you’ve decided to put them on display or maybe have custom logos for your bar, which we do all the time. Custom glassware specific to you will make guests jaws drop!

Give guests something to talk about. Pick a cabinet finish that’s a bit unusual or use a stone for the counter that’s rare and special. We always recommend using a hard stone surface like quartzite as opposed to marble or limestone. A bar will be subjected to every kind of abuse from red wine to lemons and limes — the ultimate enemy, especially for certain sink selections, but with the right (20 year) sealers on your top like we use here at Stag Homes, you'll always be safe.

Ward Parkway Dry Bar

Use Unexpected Accents. A dark, sexy color palette, brass or lacquered metal accents, an unexpected wallpaper. Or a how about a much more refined bright tone with antique mirrors, and elegant countertops play into the way we can begin the design like we did with a simple historical Ward Parkway home we did and the dry bar off the kitchen.

Create a Space with Personality. Designing a wet bar can be as personal as designing the master bath remodel or a Chef's kitchen. Often we’ll get a bit more edgy in the wet bar than a kitchen remodel because it’s supposed to be fun, different, and vibrant. It can be really fun yet awe inspiring. Make this a fun remodel.

Location is a key component. Where in the home do you typically entertain your guests? That is the first question we need to answer. The bar should be easily and centrally accessible from the spaces where your guests typically gather. Having easy access to exterior spaces is also a plus, but never a deal breaker. We can even choose smaller less used spaces that are connected to those occupied spaces to give a feel of more intimacy like with the dark academia style of a study.

Draw Inspiration from Commercial Design. Draw Inspiration from Commercial Design. It's always fun to visit different bars, speakeasy's and hotels Like the picture above from Hotel Phillips 1930's style speakeasy downtown on 12th St to draw inspiration from (pictured below). It's also a great excuse for a date night. It really gets everyone invested in this type of remodel project, while providing opportunities for personalities to really shine through in the design.

Hotel Phillips Speakeasy

Be Daring. A basement bar is a perfect opportunity to be bold and daring, and to color outside the lines. We want guests to see the bar and be energized by thoughts of the exciting evening to come.

Merge Style with Function. A well-designed bar should have the necessary shelving, storage, and drink ware to be practical, but these things should be worked into the design in a strategic way, large

or small It’s about masking the functionality with color and pretty details.

Home Bars are a fun piece to really take your home to the next level. Stag Homes skills with bars and remodeling can take everything you thought you'd never get out of your home and bring it to life with it's own personality!! Give us a shout, we'll grab a drink and talk design.

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